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Today: Aug 16, 2022

11 - What are miracles according to science?

Science, as I have said, develops a model, a representation of reality that is constantly changing. It includes a partial knowledge of reality.

Miracles are not included in the current model, but science cannot deny their existence, like many other phenomena that we still do not know how to locate in the laws we have developed so far.

Current human cognitive capacity based on the Galilean method still doesn’t allow us to explain many realities that do exist.

This method can only be applied to those phenomena that fall within the mechanism. Our ability to choose cannot be explained by the Galilean method, yet it does exist.

Current scientific theories do not include miracles, because they do not include the absence of determinism in the laws of nature.

Yet human freedom to choose is proof that nature, which we are part of, does not only obey the principle of cause and effect, but also the principle of volition.

Therefore science cannot exclude the possibility that phenomena that have until now been considered subject only to the principle of cause and effect, could be subject to the principle of volition.