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Today: Aug 16, 2022

4 - What conclusions does contemporary science reach, based on the results of photogrammetric restitution, forensic medicine, and analyses of blood, pollens, moulds, canvas, etc.?

1 - The analysis of the blood-soaked fibrils showed that, removing the blood, there is no trace of erosion, the fibrils are not oxidized, they are intact.

Therefore the image was not created when the body was in contact with the shroud, but later, after the blood separated into two components, corpuscular and serosa, and solidified on the weave of the fabric.


2 - Forensic medicine showed that the main image of the man on the Shroud, the only one that has a real bloodstain on the left wrist, is that of a dead man.


3 - Results 1 and 2 show that the image formed after the death of the man on the Shroud.


4 - Photogrammetric restitution shows that the other images of the man on the Shroud, where the same stain has been "photographed" by the energy emanating from the body, are images of the sequence of successive voluntary movements of the same body. The part of bloodstain on the left wrist emitted the energy.

These images were certainly caused by energy, because all the restitution data demonstrate the presence of a projective pattern of energy that has never been seen before in nature, but which is scientifically possible.


5 - Three and 4 show that the man on the Shroud came back to life emitting radiation. The images on the Shroud are so far the only evidence of this.